Trending in 2023: Midweek Weddings are Marvelous!

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February 23rd, 2023

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Are you and your spouse-to-be running into availability roadblocks when trying to book your preferred wedding venue and suppliers?

Have you considered the growing popularity of midweek weddings? As we continue to transition back into a pre-COVID world where in-person events are becoming significantly more commonplace, venues and suppliers are booking up fast! If you’re considering a weekday wedding or don’t know anything about them, there are many advantages to doing so. Keep reading to learn why having one may be the perfect solution for you!

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More Venue & Vendor Options

Midweek weddings can be the perfect choice for couples who desire a specific setting or are looking for a particular vendor. Popular venues and vendors may be fully booked on weekends so having your wedding during the week could provide more flexible options. With photographers, videographers, entertainment companies and other vendors likely having more weekday availability, you could more easily assemble your wedding day dream-team! Reach out to your desired vendors directly to see which days they are available and inquire if they can accommodate a weekday wedding.

Guests Can Save on Travel Expenses

Those looking to save their guests some money should definitely consider a weekday wedding. Weekday travel tends to be more budget-friendly than weekend travel, so your out-of-town guests who have to fly or stay in a hotel may see some savings. So, if you’re looking for ways to cut costs for your special day, planning a weekday event is a great option to consider.

It May Be More Affordable for the Couple

Wedding costs add up quickly, but you may be able to save yourself some money by having a weekday wedding. Since weekends are in high demand, you may be able to negotiate a better venue rate, catering costs or vendor rate for a weekday wedding.

Shorter, More Intimate Celebration

Having a midweek wedding can reduce the total length of your event. Consider scheduling an intimate dinner party, as opposed to a long night of dancing and celebrating often seen during weekend weddings. With many guests having to depart early due to work in the morning, daytime weddings can also be a nice compromise.

More Quality Time

Weekday weddings invite the opportunity for an intimate celebration with your closest friends and family. Most people are unable to take off work, so you can most definitely expect a smaller guest count – opening up more meaningful conversations and quality time with those attending. Hosting a weekday wedding is a great way to make your special day even more memorable.

Choose a Date with Special Meaning

If you’re not limiting your wedding to the weekend, there’s more flexibility with choosing a date that has special meaning – such as an anniversary, birthday or holiday. Couples may even decide to tie the knot on their very own special day. With this approach, they can find a unique and unforgettable day to mark the beginning of their new life together.

You Might Just be Paving the Way for a New Trend!

As the wedding market expands, midweek weddings are becoming an increasingly popular option for many couples tying the knot in 2023 and beyond. Weekday ceremonies offer clear benefits—including lower costs and increased vendor availability—which can add up to savvy savings during this special time!

Ready to plan your marvelous midweek wedding?

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