Off-Site Weddings

Franklin Commons Outdoor Wedding Aisle by Drexelbrook Catering

Drexelbrook Catering takes a different approach to your wedding day. Count on us to listen to and implement your vision.

Off-Site Catering Service

Our off-site catering service is top notch when it comes to your wedding day. Whether at our venue or off-premise, we service your event with the highest quality staff and cuisine. Our wedding specialists help map out your big picture and make sure to take care of even the most minute details.

We guarantee that our staff will cater to your needs to make sure you can take the time to enjoy your big day. Wherever you celebrate, the Drexelbrook provides excellent cooking and top-notch service.

Drexelbrook Off-site Catering Service
Drexelbrook Off-Site Catering Franklin Commons

Design & Décor

When working with Drexelbrook, stunning florals, dramatic lighting, elegant linens, and other design aspects are at your fingertips. Your off-site catering specialist collaborates with you on creating the “Wow!” visual when your guests arrive at your reception site. Our goal is to bring your wedding dreams to life so you can celebrate the best day ever.

Our wedding specialists will work with your to create your wedding vision, wherever you have your event. Your wedding is meant to be as unique as you. Our design elements come in a variety of colors and aesthetics. From floating candles, to glittering centerpieces, you can choose a style that fits your plan.

Drexelbrook Catering Table Design with Candle
Off-Premise Drexelbrook Catering Table Set Up
Drexelbrook Catering rustic table setting

Off-Site Catering Venues

Everyone has a different vision for their wedding day and where the magic will happen. If you choose not to have your wedding at our facility, we are able to work with you wherever you choose. Our staff has worked in homes, backyards, by the beach, and any other type of venue you could imagine. If you are still looking for your perfect venue, we have a list of our preferred off-premise venues for you to browse. Wherever you go, The Drexelbrook will work to adapt to the venue for your wedding day.

Visit our Off-site Venues page for our picks.

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