The Advanced Microsoft Teams Room

Redefining Collaboration

The Drexelbrook is excited to introduce our newly designed Microsoft Teams Room in our Franklin Conference Center!

Our Microsoft Teams Room signifies a leap towards the future of corporate meetings, events, and collaborations. It embodies our commitment to drive innovation and embrace technology in our pursuit of a collaborative environment – to optimize productivity, engagement, and erase the lines between in-person and virtual participants.

The Teams Room can comfortably accommodate up to 25 individuals, making it perfect for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, presentations, and seminars!

We eagerly look forward to seeing the new and exciting ways our clients will utilize this space, bringing innovative ideas to life and propelling the corporate journey forward.

A Visual Experience Like No Other

One of the standout features of our new Microsoft Teams Room is the dual 65″ main screens. These large, high-resolution screens promise crystal-clear image quality and real-time video streaming.

Four confidence monitors are strategically placed towards the rear of the room. These monitors allow everyone in the room to follow the discussion.

Teams room monitors

Next-Level Camera & Audio

Rally Mic Pod

The Teams Room boasts a state-of-the-art UltraHD PTZ camera with voice tracking capabilities assisted by multiple Rally Mic Pods with RightSound™ Technologies to auto-level voices, suppress noise, and cancel echo making conversations feel remarkably lively and natural.

The voice tracking features allow the camera to focus automatically on whoever is speaking, creating a dynamic, engaging, and interactive experience for remote attendees.

The Power of the Logitech Scribe

With the Scribe, you can write, draw, or sketch your ideas out just as you would on a traditional whiteboard. The Scribe captures and shares your content in real-time with all participants, regardless of their location.

It transforms a common tool into an advanced medium for sharing insights, sparking creativity, and driving productive discussion.

White Board Camera

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Teams

Meeting room touch controller

This state-of-the-art meeting space seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams. You can schedule your meetings directly through Teams, and then easily start it with the touch of a button.

Remote attendees can participate as fully as those in the room, enjoying the crystal-clear audio-visual experience, the dynamic voice tracking, and the real-time whiteboard action.

Meeting held within the Microsoft Teams meeting room

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