Things to Consider When Planning an “Unplugged” Wedding Ceremony

May 4th, 2023

Unplugged wedding ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular because they allow for a more intimate and memorable experience. If you are considering having an unplugged ceremony, there are a few things you should keep in mind when planning.

The Reasons for Going Unplugged

Couples will have greater control over their wedding photos and videos with this type of ceremony. Couples can be assured that no embarrassing photos or videos from the ceremony are shared online. Instead, couples will get to relish in the professional photos and videos taken by the designated wedding photographer and videographer.

Your ceremony should be all about you, your partner, and making lasting memories. Everyone is focused on each moment of the wedding at a ceremony without devices.

Planning an Unplugged Ceremony

When planning an unplugged wedding ceremony, there are several steps to consider when making your ceremony free of distractions. These include setting ground rules for the ceremony and choosing someone to enforce the unplugged expectation. Ground rules may include deciding if the entire ceremony will be unplugged or just specific parts. You should also inform your guests of the rule ahead of time with a note in your wedding program.

Unplugged Ceremonies & Your Photographer

When a ceremony is unplugged, it can be helpful to the photographer working to capture all of the special moments. Without devices, the photographer doesn’t have to worry about guests in the aisle obstructing their shot or harsh camera flashes.  Those distractions can be difficult to edit out post-production. You also get the benefit of not having a sea of phone screens in the background of your professional photos.

Background Noise & Distractions

Unplugged ceremonies limit the possibility of phones ringing and accidentally disrupting the wedding ceremony. You won’t have to worry about interference during priceless moments like your wedding vows or first kiss. They can focus on the significance of the ceremony and enjoy the experience without feeling the need to capture every moment.

Unplugged Weddings & Your Privacy

Even with all the measures mentioned above, it is still important to keep certain aspects of the wedding private. Unplugged ceremonies can help if you’re concerned about pictures being posted before the event is over. You can have a phone check-in area at your ceremony, so guests have somewhere to leave their devices during the ceremony to prevent distractions.

A big part of having a successful unplugged wedding ceremony is ensuring your guests respect your wishes.

At the venue, have signs with a gentle reminder that the ceremony is an unplugged one. You can also put up a slide during the ceremony itself to remind guests to turn off their phones. If you want to be discrete about it, have the ushers carry signs with the same message and reminds guests as they arrive.

It’s important to let your guests know that unplugging during the ceremony is a sign of respect and not intended to be an inconvenience. Having an unplugged ceremony will allow you and your guests to be present in the moment and cherish your special day.

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