Memorable Moments to Have Captured by a Photographer on Your Wedding Day

The once-in-a-lifetime wedding day you’ve been planning for months is right around the corner…

To ensure your most beautiful memories can be cherished forever, our team at The Drexelbrook recommends couples hire a professional photographer. This will make certain you have stunning memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve compiled a list of some top moments to have captured by a photographer on your wedding day

The Marrying Couple Getting Ready

Photo Credit: Kate McCarthy Photography

From beginning to end, professional wedding photographs tell the story of your wedding day. To start, getting-ready photos capture the electricity in the room as the bride and groom finish up their preparations. As the morning continues, a photographer will take candid shots of the couple as they select their wedding day accessories. Particularly, they document the couple getting dressed, and the sweet moments when they’re finally ready to walk down the aisle.  If the couple exchanges gifts prior to saying vows, those private moments between the couple are captured as well.

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The First Look

Secondly, you’re going to want to document the romantic & emotional first look. This is an intimate moment between the soon-to-be married couple that you’ll definitely want to capture to look back on lovingly.

The first look is an incredibly touching moment between the marrying couple. Certainly, it’s one of the moments you’ll want to have captured by a photographer on your wedding day.

Photo Credit: Ryan Eda Photography

The Couple Walking Down the Aisle

This is undeniably one of the most important shots of any wedding day. As the bride and groom are walking down the aisle, you can see the joy in the couple’s face as they look forward to a lifetime of joy and love. The photographer captures the happiness and emotion on their faces as they arrive at the altar. These pictures can also include a beautiful view of the couple’s friends and family around them as they come together in union.

Photo Credit: Joey Conti

The First Kiss

As one of the most anticipated parts of the wedding, the first kiss is a classic milestone that all couples want to remember. The magical moment is captured in a few close-up shots as they are sharing their first kiss as a married couple.

Photo Credit: Kamera View Photography

The First Dance

Obviously the first dance is an incredibly romantic moment that everyone in the room will be watching. You and your guests will reminisce about it even after the big day is over! It’s always an emotional moment as the couple sways to a romantic song in the middle of the dance floor as their loved ones watch in awe. As the song ends and the couple shares a special moment, and these romantic shots can be remembered for years to come.

Photo Credit: Douglas James Studios

The Bouquet Toss

As a fun tradition, the bouquet toss is a great way to capture a range of emotions from your wedding guests. From anxious single ladies waiting for the catch, to excited bridesmaids catching the bouquet, to the excitement after the catch, this is surely on the list of moments to have captured by a photographer on your wedding day.

Photo Credit: Kate McCarthy Photography

The Cake Cutting

The cake cutting is an opportunity to get some really nice photographs of the elegant details of the décor. Certainly, the cake cutting is a very special moment between the newlywed couple. Shots from this moment often include them cutting the cake and feeding each other a bite. Particularly, it’s also a great time to get the couple’s reactions and emotions in that moment together.

Photo Credit: Ryan Eda Photography

The Grand Exit

Lastly, as the night draws to a close, one final moment to capture is the newlywed couple leaving the reception and saying goodbye to their guests.

Of course, this is a very special moment, and a photo of it can often be more telling than any words can be.

Photo Credit: Jordan Brian Studios

Overall, your wedding day is an incredibly special, romantic and memorable event that often goes by in the blink of an eye! A professional photographer captures all of the must-have shots that will last you a lifetime. Your photos will thereafter remind you of the special moments of your big day. Therefore, take the time to look around to find a photographer that matches your personality and style. You want to work with someone who will capture all the must-capture memorable moments on your wedding day, just the way you want them.


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