Digital Marketing Coordinator (FT)

June 1st, 2022

Position Title:

Digital Marketing Coordinator (Full-time/ Hybrid Work Environment after introductory period)

Reports To:
Director of Marketing & Communications

Position’s Business Objective:

Assist and collaborate with the Director of Marketing & Communications in the planning, development and implementation of Drexelbrook’s Brand Initiatives, Marketing Strategies, Marketing Communications, and Public Relations Activities, externally and internally. Engage with Department Heads to progressively refine Drexelbrook’s Marketing message and Brand development. Assist with the development and implementation of support materials and services for Drexelbrook’s business units. Maintain and enhance all Social Media channels for the Drexelbrook Group, overall, and the individual business units, specifically. Coordinate, maintain, and organize Marketing & Communications Department assets, knowledge base, meeting notes, including the Department calendar.

Position’s Responsibilities/Requirements:

The Digital Marketing Coordinator’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Produce recommendations in the planning, development, and implementation of both short-term and long-term Department goals for the Drexelbrook Organization
  2. Think “outside the box” and approach projects with an innovative and conceptual perspective that can lead to new avenues in the marketing of the brand
  3. Keep informed of developments in the fields of marketing, communications, and public relations and adjust plans to meet the changing demands in our marketplace.
  4. Work in conjunction with Sales Team to create and promote brand awareness, sales opportunities, messaging collateral, and more as needed.
  5. Act as liaison between Marketing Department and venue Professionals to obtain media pertinent to marketing needs and awareness campaigns.
  6. Assist in the coordination of the appearance of all Organization print and electronic materials such as letterhead, use of logo, brochures, email signatures, business cards, menus, posters, flyers, video, photos etc.
  7. Maintaining and updating e-commerce site, for Special Occasions
    1. Monitor orders as they come in and collaborate with Angel on ordering metrics
    2. Management of shipping/delivery/pick up options for customers
    3. Collaborate with Marketing Director on photos and other promotional materials.
    4. Keep track of revenue and record data to compare from year to year
  8. Responsible for creating, implementing, and measuring the success of all Social Media platforms for: Drexelbrook Catering, Streetlight Kitchen & Bar, Holiday Inn & Suites Phila. W – Drexel Hill, Franklin Commons, and any other entities of the Drexelbrook brand.
    1. Accounts include:
      1. Facebook
      2. Instagram
      3. LinkedIn
      4. Other Social Media Platforms
    2. Keeping the business message consistent and “on-brand”
    3. Providing engaging and informative content on a consistent basis
    4. Creating and curating an attractive social profile and content feed
    5. Engaging with followers, customers, prospective clients, etc. in an appropriate and helpful manner
    6. Building and maintaining an active following and tracking/ measuring the profile growth
  9. Maintaining and upkeeping the digital presence. i.e. company websites for: Drexelbrook Catering, Streetlight Kitchen & Bar, Holiday Inn & Suites Phila. W – Drexel Hill, Franklin Commons, and any other entities of the Drexelbrook brand.
    1. Creating, researching, and implementing current design trends and up-to-date web features to stay ahead of competition
    2. Develop a well-rounded understanding of WordPress and any related on-line publishing tools
    3. Creation and maintenance of content across all sites on a regular basis
      1. Updating Photos
      2. Updating Event dates/information
      3. General maintenance and plug in updates
    4. Elevating our website by enacting SEO practices so we appear more on Google, Bing, and other search engines
  10. Maintaining and interacting with sites and outlets pertaining to customer reviews and experiences for: Drexelbrook Catering, Streetlight Kitchen & Bar, Holiday Inn & Suites Phila. W – Drexel Hill, Franklin Commons, and any other entities of the Drexelbrook Associates brand.
    1. Monitoring reviews and rating activity across all sites that are consumer facing.
      1. Facebook
      2. Yelp
      3. Trip advisor
      4. Google My Business
      5. BING Places
      6. Online Forums
      7. Wedding Wire/ The Knot
      8. Booking/ Travel Sites
      9. IHG Holiday Inn & Suites site
      10. Other sites in relation to the Drexelbrook brand
  11. Creation and publishing of long form writings for implementation in blog posts, e-blasts, communication documents, and any other outlets in relation to the Drexelbrook Associates brand.
  12. Be available outside of regular business hours to replace, refine or remove information in a digital manner that is deemed to be “off-brand”.
  13. Maintain and organize Marketing & Communications Department assets and content within digital storage drives and physical storage archives
  14. Consolidate and distill information discussed during weekly internal meetings and prospective client meetings
  15. Create and maintain, in collaboration with the Director of Marketing & Communications, a detailed day-to-day monthly calendar of all Marketing & Communications activities
  16. Be able to lift 15 lbs.
  17. Stand for 2 hours.
  18. Attend meetings as directed by department head
  19. Hybrid work environment after introductory period
  20. College degree or equivalent work experience.
  21. Driver’s license required

Skill Requirements:


Yoast SEO


Microsoft Office

Adobe Creative Suite






Social Media Management Software (Agorapulse)

Understanding of Meta Products (Facebook, Instagram)

Google AdWords

Google Analytics/ Data Studio

Basic Photography

Blog Posts/ Ad Copy

Creative Writing