Our Team

Meet the Team

At The Drexelbrook, we invest a great deal of time, money, and resources into our staff development.

Each employee undergoes rigorous training programs conceived by us, for us. We stress the importance of the “Guest Experience” and how each team member plays an important role in our success.

Our training programs include diversity education for all team members, R.A.M.P. (Responsible Alcohol Management Program) Certification for all beverage staff and managers, ServSafe food safety handling by all culinary employees and managers, as well as GREAT Kitchens Gluten-Free Certification.

We instill into our team the knowledge that they are accountable and empowered to ensure the success of your event.

Aside from the technical details behind their training, our team has one common denominator: a passion for excellence in creating truly amazing events filled with memories that will last a lifetime!

Meet our Staff

Domenick Savino, CPCE

CEO/General Manager

Born and raised in Philly, survived 15 years with the Nuns, the Augustinians and Jesuits.  Began his career in hospitality (unknowingly) at age 14 at Williamsons then aboard the Moshulu; worked at some of the best hotels in the city including the Warwick and the Rittenhouse.

Like Star Trek, he was on a five year mission at Drexelbrook (which turned into 22 years and counting) to make a difference in catering. Domenick is the mastermind behind the details of the happening within the company.

A stickler for the details and a relentless passion for exceeding expectations, often works hundreds of hours per week (according to his wife) to ensure your event will be perfect.

So what does CPCE stand for anyway?  Certified Professional Catering Executive of course!

Jeannie Fernandez

Assistant General Manager & Director of Event Sales

Every company needs a “Jeannie”.  With the blink of an eye she is driven to excel in all aspects of creating wonderful events for our clients.  With a passion for sales and operations, Jeannie moves fluidly from creating events to ensuring smooth execution.

Over the years she has become known regionally as an expert in the “Indian” wedding market.  Often working late into the night, never leaving the office until every phone call and email are returned, a hot cup of coffee is her preferred beverage.  A Springfield native and “O’Hara” girl at heart, Jeannie is the model of passion and professionalism!

Bill Klienz

Director of Operations

Bill is the “young guy”, newly married and an up and comer.  Like the rest of us, Bill started in the wait staff department and moved up through the ranks.  He directs the bartenders and the wait staff and is “the manager of the managers”. He is nimble on his feet and logs 100 miles per week (according to him) moving around the building.

Bill & his wife Missy met at Drexelbrook (where else can you meet someone if you are working 80 hours per week?). He enjoys a good comic book and owns a replica of the “Bat signal” form the Batman series.

Wade Harvin

Executive Chef

A “workhorse” if there ever was one.  Chef Wade is early to rise and late to sleep (Thanks, Starbucks).  According to him, he enjoys the quiet before the chaos that is catered events.  We think he has done every job in the kitchen before being promoted to executive chef.

While he no longer throws pots and pans (circa 1980’s), he is passionate and focused when it comes to creating great food.  We sometimes think he lost his mind, but then we realize he is “the guy” ultimately responsible for the turnout of up to ten events in one day…talk about passionate!

His favorite saying: “Whatever you need just put it on the contract and it will get done”.

Mike Rigney

Culinary Manager

Thomas Crymes

Director of Marketing & Communications